Who let the dog out?

Hello, and how do you do?/
It’s so nice to be here with you./
My name is Franklin,
And this is the rap that I like to do. My fur stinks, it really does.
When I’m in the house, I stir
Up a buzz
I like to sit on the couch and
the chair/ so that explains all the hair
I’m a dog ya see/
That’s the way it’s gotta be/ 1-2-3/ It’s F-R-A-N-K to the L-I-N
I sit there on the lawn, looking quite funny/
I can catch little birds, but not a single bunny. I like to complain
And groan quite a bit/ when I don’t get a walk, I throw a terrible fit.
So, I’m mostly a good dog, as it turns out/
And to top it all off,
I’ve got a very wet snout.
When the family’s out,
I have a par-tae/
I call all my friends,
We have a soiree!
There’s jerky treats
And milk bones abound/
It’s the very best party that can be found.
Wait! The car’s pulling up,
The family is back!/
I’ve got to clean up the family shack!

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