See Red

The morning began with a beautiful sunrise. My cell phone alarm went off with a musical thrill and I reached over, picked it up and turned it off. Although my studio apartment was cool I jumped out of bed when I saw the first streaks of sunlight dancing across the window pane and the dust motes shimmering in the still air. I stretched and with a few deep breaths I gathered my dressing gown around me and gazed out at various shades of pink, a silky gauze of colour. A blissful moment, a new day, my birthday. The image was seared for now in my brain and to keep its beauty in the present I gathered my paints and tried to capture it before the sun rose higher and the pink tendrils disappeared into the ether. Perhaps that was why I painted in an attempt to capture a feeling with a tangible object.

I’m a morning person, I love the freshness of dawn, the promise of new experiences, continuation of favourite routines and a purely blissful cup of fresh brewed hot coffee. I dressed in my workout leggings and the new lycra shirt that I had recently purchased in a rather wonderful shopping expedition with my middle son Sam. The cool fabric clung to my body, the silky smooth fabric with tiny hummingbirds randomly scattered had been fashioned in a tapered design that accentuated my curved contours. Warm socks were next and with a stretch I admired myself in the mirror.

Realizing that I needed to get a move on I walked over to the kitchen, turned the lights on, the radio on, and filled the kettle. Reaching for the coffee, I opened the container and took a deep breath, the Colombian coffee gave off a divine aroma. The smell tantalized my senses, pure delight. I spooned the grounds into my French Press then made my way to the bathroom. Closing the door behind me I quickly washed and brushed my teeth. The music on the radio this morning had an uplift beat matching my mood perfectly.

I poured the boiling water from the kettle into the carafe, then made a cup of coffee. My cell phone rang, I answered and it was my son Sam on the phone calling to wish me a Happy Birthday. How wonderful.

Having finished most of my coffee I left the cup on the countertop and I reached over and turned off the radio.A sudden, searing pain travelled across my chest from left to right and settled like an vice grip. I gasped and clutched my chest with both hands. A flurry of thoughts raced through my mind. A heart attack?? Indigestion??? I broke out in a cold sweat, my life, myself moved across my blurred field of vision. My children, my friends, flashing lights, a narrow tunnel. I slumped to the side, knocking over the coffee cup and I fell with a crash to the floor. My head hit with a bang and blood seeped from the gash. A few gasps of breath, my life over. Lying there, staring sightlessly at the ceiling, coffee dripping onto the floor from above. Rivulets of blood puddled on the floor.

The morning began with a beautiful sunrise. My cell phone alarm went off with a musical thrill and I reached over, picked it up and turned it off. I stretched in bed and put my hands behind my head and thought “Wow that was a horrible dream”. My hands felt something sticky at the back of my head, and pulling my right hand away I looked at blood on my fingertips.

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