The See of Serenity

You truly will not believe until you try The See on for size. How wonderfully exciting. This is it. You are soaring in pure elation. Not in the air but in your mind. Virtual reality. The wave of the future. The now of tomorrow. Forget the present, the worry, the stress, the inability to create a meaningful existence along with your fellow co-workers bogged down in a series of repetitive tasks. Rise above these petty day to day tribulations and elevate to the sacrosanct harem of the Queen. Relax then and enjoy the view at the top.

Every worker bee has the chance to escape by purchasing The See. Release your inhibitions and be awed in your own pre frontal cortex. Imagine this if you can. The sea, a soft blue that calms the mind and aids in concentration, cleanses and eliminates tensions. It envelopes you, caresses you and yes thrills you to your very core. The See of Serenity, a total immersive escape where your personality expands and communication excels. No longer will you be left behind in the hive or left cowering in the honeycomb maze. You’ll be at ease in every situation because you have your very own See.

Limited time offer of only 10 litres of honey, payable in equal instalments with 10% interest. This is your chance to shine on and bee counted.

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