It was a dark and stormy night. Where was it dark and stormy you might ask? If you are like me and you read that phrase immediately you think of all the places you were and what it portended. Was it just a weather event or did it foretell a strange occurrence in your life? Perhaps at your lakeside cabin watching the sun set over the water, the slight ripple of the waves casting a shimmer as the sunlight disappeared and pitch black darkness enveloped the sky in all directions. Time for a ghost story or two? Or in the city high atop the crowds ensconced in a concrete building with floor to ceiling glass in all the rooms. No hiding there as you try to sleep cocooned with your head beneath the comforter. Perhaps you live in the country and a stormy sky signals time to bring the animals into the barn where they will be out of harms way. Safe.

It had been a dark and stormy night. I awoke out of a deep sleep and walked over to the window where there were a million or so coloured flashing lights on the horizon. I squinted and leaned in closer to the glass trying to decipher what I saw with what I knew about bright lights in the sky. I couldn’t seem to come up with any satisfactory explanation. I found the binoculars but still I couldn’t make sense of this phenomenon. Shivering in the cool night air in my bare feet and cotton nightgown I finally found the presence of mind to return to bed without being any the wiser. I pulled the comforter over my head and burrowed deep into the down and waited for sunrise.

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