Opening Lines

 A feeling of pure elation coursed through the girl when she realized she had pulled the wool over their eyes. (aside: who is the girl ?)

After the fire my life became unbearable. The question is: What was life like before this event?

My entire family died the winter of ’79 when ice covered the ground and the seas were frozen solid. Am I a family of rabbits?

Soon the world would experience the legacy of my plan. Ahh, the eternal conundrum…good or evil.

In the stillness of early dawn Grace gave birth crouched on the floor behind the diners cash register. Who is Grace…is it her given name that provides the clue?

Nothing worth having comes easy. True.

Everyone at the funeral appeared solemn except for the woman dressed in red. Black is solemn anyway you look at it.

She lightly laid her hand on the cool alabaster skin and wept. At the museum?

Jack Rabbit was having the time of his life. He always does.

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