Coffee Brain

It’s the dead of night the time after 3 am before the sun rises and sheds the cloak of darkness. Lying in bed, awake, I stare at the ceiling that is a shape without substance in my minds eye. Elusive sleep, I will myself to drift off into dreamland but too many thoughts are playing havoc with this desire and I toss and turn, my physical state a reflection of inner turmoil.

I think back on the previous evening where I indulged in wine and then coffee without considering the crazy sleepless consequences. I love coffee, it’s my morning pleasure, it wakes me up, it restores my balance and it tastes delicious. The first sip, a slight scalding on my tastebuds, a smooth swallow and a rush of caffeine causing my heart to beat a little faster and a warm glow suffusing through my inner core. I’m lying here and I think why not make a pot of fresh brewed from last nights newly ground organic Columbian coffee beans. I’m awake anyway, I might as well enjoy this quiet time instead of berating myself for last nights foolish action.

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