Winter in the northern hemisphere. The place I call home in the cold months. Snow and ice cover the earth and life in all its complexity comes to a standstill. Indoor activities keep my mind occupied, the lack of Vitamin D from the sun makes for a profound inner sadness. The arrival of spring brings a welcome rebirth to my spirit and a lightness to my heart as I settle into my summer home nestled in a curve of headland by the ocean.

The soles of my bare feet burn, the sharp gravel cutting into my tender skin protected this past winter in warm socks and sturdy boots. The development of calluses and hardened toughened skin take a summer of walking barefoot through the green meadow grassland and the multi coloured pebbled rock strewn beach. Standing in the early morning glare of the sun I waved a final goodbye to Henry. The dogs lay disconsolately in a pile at my feet a reflection of my internal wisdom that recognized the truth of Henry and I never seeing each other again.

War. Armed conflict. Violence, aggression, destruction and mortality. How was I to reconcile this absurd action with the beauty of the world around me?

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