Live your own story

Well first I wanted to draw then paint, then draw and paint and then I looked at my computer software and decided to try Paint. Not an intuitively easy product to use. I am not a millennial nor am I especially computer savvy so using this required a lot of time with poor results. I first tried using the pencil which created lots of strange horizontal and perpendicular lines that crisscrossed all over looking like a five year olds first effort with a crayola crayon. Not in the lines that’s for sure. Then I tried drawing a salsa dancer with flowing hair, heels kicking up in glee and a ruffled skirt dancing in the breeze. It didn’t look too horrible in my opinion but I forgot to save it and when the phone rang I closed my laptop and all that effort disappeared into the ether. Then I went for a walk to plan my next attempt to create a work of art.

This time I just went with an idea that popped into my head. Really no rhyme or reason, just a need to put anything down on the blankness of my computer screen. Usually I am enthralled with being entertained by the myriad options available online so creating my own entertainment was a novelty. Fun to do. There will be many next times.

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