Life in a Fishbowl

Felix gazed idly around as he maneuvered through and fro, in and out, upwards and downwards around the plastic fronds that lay haphazardly along the bottom pebble strewn floor of his fish bowl. Occasionally in a fit of pique he would challenge his shadow to a race and hell bent he would change his usual meandering circuitous route to a swift hurdle battering his mouth against the slimy glass then falling softly to the bottom to gather his wits before continuing his rounds once again. He cocked his head to one side, he’d perfected this technique when the cat entered the room, he couldn’t hear, silence was all he knew, his eyes darted back and forth, he wished he could hide. It was a fruitless endeavour, the cat had long sharp claws that snatched at Felix whenever the living room was empty of humans. It was game over.

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