What Makes a Good Story?

Beginning. People. Human beings. Homo sapiens. Connecting, inter connecting, chemistry, desiring, sharing, caring, developing and maintaining a discourse of personal emotions and spiritual bonding. Concurrently the hidden side of humanity where secrets, lies and hidden agendas confound and perplex participants in the uncertainties of living life large.

Middle. People together creating conflict, using poor judgement with ulterior motives to hurt and wound in an uncaring manner and yet give pleasure to a deep seated emptiness inside. Bonding as a challenge, hurts that wound us, we suffer in agony. Anti social vampire people who suck the life blood from their prey through emotional and physical abuse. Love, that comforts and binds us together.

End. A good story is layers upon layers of intertwined history and events that are at cross purposes. Connection requires an element of surprise and then resolution to have an ending to personal conflict. A good story describes every persons individual life story in all its complexities and their relationships with other humans. A good story is connection in all its good and bad forms.

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